About Us

We feel lucky to live in Sefton. As well as some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, and friendliest people, we love that in Sefton, you can always find something to do. Communities change over time, but we don’t always see that as a negative thing.

At Sefton Events, we want to be a constant reminder to people of exactly why they love this area. That’s why all our locally held events will be a chance for you to have a great time, whatever you choose to do. Whether it’s getting together and having a laugh with old friends, or finding a new hobby and making new friends, we like to think that at Sefton Events, everyone will find the right one for them. As a young couple who like to constantly keep busy, we’ve ensured that all of our events are run to the highest possible standard, right from the word go. Every aspect is taken care for by us, all you have to do, is turn up and enjoy yourself.